Monday, March 28, 2011

Wal-Mart Sales Flabby. Wal-Mart lacks leadership.

The recent article about Wal-Mart sales mired in the worst U.S. slump ever by Miguel Bustillo really angered me as Wal-Mart weekly customer. The article never touched on the real problem/solution which former naval officer, William Simon should know and be part of his DNA. You must have excellent Customer Service at every level to excel as a Team, Squad, Unit, Company. There is NO Leadership at Wal-Mart. Where do the Managers instill at  the great morning pep rally. Wal-Mart has the worst customer service in the world or retail. Simon only answer was "return to Every Day Low Prices. Wal-Mart has the worst customer experience of retailer and price can't fix the problem. And, as an ad man I know that if the customer always comes FIRST and your company and product will be purchased with pride.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rethink may need rethinking or Recreating

How many companies are using the "new" and "trendy" and "cool" Rethink for everything
ATT: Rethink Possible.
or: refresh, resolve, redesign, refresh, rework, rebuild, relaunch.
rethink companies

Is this unique brand building? You may have to rethink your brand. Or, recreate. Or maybe just create!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Your Advertising should be likeable.

Your Advertising should be likeable. People like advertising that doesn't offend them. They want to be part of the brand. They want a brand to reflect their values. Does your advertising offend your customers? 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two Word, Two sentence headlines. Baby Talk? Text Talk?

Two Word, Two sentence headlines. " Baby Talk? Text Talk" ?
Have we all noticed the "two word, two word" headlines that have overtaken the ad business. "More Saving. More Doing."  Or, " More Feet. More Fun"

Short headlines have always been great. "Lemon". Is your business unique? Can your company or service be presented by always following the herd?  Or, are you a leader?

We call this latest craze in headline writing "baby talk". Or, 'texting".

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bringing Brands To Life

Everybody talks the "Branding" talk these days like it is a highly coveted secret.  A brand is just a name for a product or service. Branding was introduced by design people to sound "expensive". The true measure of a brand or product's performance is to deliver customers who want to buy the product of the company. Launching brands takes smart, tactical advertising. Creative, relevant,  tactical advertising gets "Seen and Noted". When a brand cuts trough the clutter it will be "Seen and Noted".

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brands are really a personality

People, companies, organizations, and the Media try to define a brand. Or how to brand.

A brand is really a reflection of its personality. Every brand is unique when created and nurtured by caring  brand professionals. Borrowed interest, copying other brands or other quick and easy solutions is not the answer for a true brand identity.

Brand identity is the real true thing.

Monday, February 15, 2010

How to Reboot the Economy and Jobs. Now

1. Over Inflated Salaries  - in every industry and government over the past 20 years. Cut salaries by 10%, Government employee salaries should be cut

2. Do your homework  -  today most people are not students of their industry. People need to be "students of the Game". Read everything you can get your hands on. Newspapers, magazines, books of all subjects. Read new things. Everyday.

3. Tech’s Great...But   - garbage in, garbage out. The only thing that has meaning is - Content, Content, Content.

4. Just Do Something - everybody cites the mantra - “ Pressed for Time”. Doing What? Accomplish something everyday.

5. Grow Your Mind/Body - Everyday. For the future. Grow Yourself.  Change grows with you if you have passion for your job/industry.

6. Compete Physically - grow your mind/body. Run, cycle, swim, kayak, hike, walk paddle. Put intensity into your training. And, compete. Competing  gives you a great winning business attitude. You don't have to win or be first when competing. Just Do it for your Mind/Body/

7. See the World - Travel. Don’t go on the same old vacation every year to the “Beach”. Open your eyes. Go! See! It will teach you about people, geography, businesss.

8. Attend the Arts - museums, art shows, music, history. Learning is easy if you open your eyes and mind.

9. Get Involved and Stay Involved - with family, people, news.

10. Be a mentor - mentors were always the key to smart training in business. Nobody has mentors. Nobody wants to be mentored because they think they know it all.

11. Stop, Stop, Stop, “Group Think”  - the most destructive, unproductive talent destroying trend in business over the past twenty years. Nobody wants to be responsible. Avoid "Group Think" at all levels. Assign tasks to people who have the expertise, knowledge base, drive,  temperament and experience to produce. And, succeed.

12. Do the Right Thing- In the end you answer to yourself. Do great work.